Sunday, March 29, 2009

I made it to Saturday. Seemed like the week would never end. Driving for hours on end (talking to myself) getting poked and prodded in hopes of an answer from the fine Doctors at Mayo. Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I had been told before but it sounded too vague. I guess I wanted something more concrete. Dr M says my brain is misfiring by interpeting pain in my legs. Pain this great doesn't seem that simple. Our brain runs the show though and must at some point send the signal for pain to protect us from injury. How ironic that my brain is the thing CAUSING the injury. I guess my brain is overprotective then. He says there is hope, change my medications and it can get everything back in line. I did notice though, that none of the doctors promised recovery. They said medications MAY help. I have to believe they will, it's been such an uphill battle to function. My doubts were that they found Lyme Disease and treated it and state the pain is not a result. I never did believe in coincidences. I still don't. Onward and upward, I know much of life is attitude.


  1. Janet,

    I found you on Suzannes blog, "Dystonia's Secret". I think, if you don't already know that you might be interested in this blog... Jessica has Lyme disease in common with you...I have Dystonia and research everyday as much as I can trying to find commonalities between us all in hope for the cure...I pray for you wellness... XO Keke

  2. It would b very frustrating to be experiencing pain and not have any answers as to what is causing it. I just happen to be web-surfing by. I am lifting you in prayer in this moment.